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Fast Company Registration process in Maputo Mozambique

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Company Registration

Fast Company Registration Services in Mozambique

Cserve Corporation is your one-stop solution for hassle-free company registration services in Mozambique! Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in setting up businesses in Mozambique, making us the perfect partner for all your registration needs.

As a foreigner looking to establish a company in Mozambique, navigating through the complex legal procedures and documentation can be overwhelming. That’s where Cserve Corporation comes in – we take the burden off your shoulders and handle all the registration processes on your behalf.

Our streamlined process ensures a quick and efficient registration, saving you time and energy. We understand the importance of time in the business world and strive to provide prompt services to get your company up and running in no time.

With our in-depth understanding of local laws and regulations, we ensure that all the necessary requirements are met for your company to be compliant in Mozambique. You can be rest assured that your company will be registered with all the necessary permits and licenses, making it a legitimate entity in the eyes of the law.

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Type Of Business In Mozambique

Cserve is the platform where any local or Foreign investors will be advised by us for any type of registration in Mozambique. Anyone that wish to carry on a commercial activity in Mozambique may choose between a range of commercial activities such as the company types listed below and other forms of commercial representation including branches in the form of agencies or delegations

The Mozambican Commercial Code, makes it possible for Mozambican or foreign individuals or clients to set up business in Mozambique in one of these different ways:

  • Individual Enterprise E.I.
  • Quota company (Sociedade por Quotas).
  • Single person quota company (Sociedade Unipessoal por Quotas).
  • Share company (Sociedade Anónima).

Investors tend of to establish their business by setting up a ‘quota company’ (Sociedade por Quotas) or a ‘share company’ (Sociedad Anónima), or by registering one of the types of foreign commercial representation listed above.

Type Of Companies In Mozambique

LLC Companies (Lda)

Limitada company is Mozambique, We will give you guidance “ How register private limited company in Mozambique” Limited liability quota companies – must be held by a minimum of two quota holders and a maximum of thirty.

The only exception to this is the single person quota company which may be set up by a single quota holder who must be a private individual. The name of the quota company must be composed of the name of some or all of the quota holders, by a specific name or by a combination of both. In any case it must be followed by the word Limitada (Limited) and this word may appear in full or as the abbreviation Lda.

The quota holders may set the capital at a level that is adequate for the company to carry on its activity as the law does not establish a minimum.

Public Limited Company (SA)

Register public limited company in Mozambique, The Public Limited Company – usually adopted by larger companies. Its essential characteristic is a more complex organic structure and the fact that dealing with the share capital is more flexible because there are no special formalities for the transfer of shares.
SA companies must have at least three shareholders who may be Mozambican or foreign individuals or legal entities. There is an exception when the State, directly or through a state company or legally equivalent entity, is a shareholder, in which case these entities may be the sole shareholder.

The liability of shareholders towards third parties is limited by the value of the shares to which they have subscribed. Companies that wish to set up in Mozambique must bear in mind that the value of the share capital must always be adequate to achieving the corporate object and must always be expressed in the Mozambican currency.

Commercial law does not establish a minimum for the share capital. In this type of company, the capital is represented by nominative or bearer shares and the nominative shares may be book-entry or registered.If a legal entity is appointed to the position of director, this entity must appoint an individual to exercise the duties of director in their own name. As to supervision, this is done by an audit committee with 3 or 5 members or by a sole auditor that must be a registered auditor or audit company.


Owners are always having question in mind that, “How to open a branch in Mozambique”, Foreign entities that wish to carry on activity of an economic nature in Mozambique through commercial representation must make an application to the Ministério da Indústria e do Comércio for the licensing of their branches, subsidiaries, delegations, agencies or other forms of representation that are legally established in Mozambique.

The representations are authorized to carry on activity in Mozambique subject to certain time limits. For example, agencies may operate for the duration of the respective agency agreement but delegations may carry on activity for a period of three years that is renewable.

A branch is deemed to be a permanent establishment of the company and it does not have legal autonomy or personality different to that of the parent company even when registered at the Mozambican Legal Entities Registry Office.

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Features Of Company Registration In Mozambique:
Register a Company In Mozambique

Special Services mostly available for International companies: Also, if Don’t have the office address in Mozambique, Don’t worry. We’ll provide you address of registered office.

Virtual / Corresponding office: No longer do businesses need to invest in physical office spaces. With virtual offices, companies can now operate and interact with clients and employees from anywhere in the world.

Signing Authorities: In addition to providing a virtual office and a registered address, our services also include appointing a signing authority to handle local tasks and transactions. This individual will act on behalf of your company, giving you the peace of mind to focus on other aspects of your business.

Compliance Management: Our team of professionals ensures that your company remains compliant with all relevant laws and regulations, regardless of your location. This saves you the trouble of constantly keeping up with changing compliance requirements in different regions.

Co-work space: Need a physical workspace for meetings or temporary projects? Our business center offers co-working spaces, giving you the flexibility to utilize a physical office when necessary without the commitment of long-term rent.

Registered office: Our business center offers the option of registering your company at a low cost. This saves both time and money as there is no need to set up a physical office at a our office address and location.

Employee Appointment: With Virtual / Corresponding office, businesses can hire employees from different parts of the world without the hassle of providing a physical workplace. This also allows for a diverse and talented workforce, promoting global collaboration and innovation.

Remote Employees: Our Virtual / Corresponding office services also provide the necessary tools to manage and communicate with remote employees effectively. This enables businesses to expand their workforce without the challenges and expenses of a physical office space.

At our business center, we understand the evolving needs of modern businesses. With our virtual office services, you can enjoy the benefits of a traditional office without the costs, allowing you to focus on your core business. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your business.

Benefits of Cserve for Mozambique Company Registration

Simplified Process

Cserve offers an easy and efficient way to register a company in Mozambique. The entire process can be completed online, making it more convenient for business owners.

Expert Guidance

Cserve has a team of experts who are well-versed in Mozambique business laws and regulations. They provide guidance and support throughout the registration process, ensuring that everything is done correctly.

Online Platform

Cserve has an online platform that allows business owners to access their services from anywhere in the world, making it easier for foreign investors to register a company in Mozambique.


The cost of registering a company through Cserve is relatively lower than traditional methods. This makes it more affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Customized Solutions

Cserve offers tailored solutions for different types of companies, based on their specific needs. This ensures that the company registration process is suitable for the business and meets all its requirements.


Cserve has a good reputation for its reliability and professionalism, making it a trusted choice for company registration in Mozambique. This gives business owners peace of mind knowing that their registration process is in good hands.


With Cserve, the company registration process is faster and more streamlined. This saves business owners valuable time that can be dedicated to other important tasks.

Access to Other Services

Apart from company registration, Cserve also offers a range of other services such as accounting, tax planning, and legal advisory. This makes it a one-stop solution for all business needs in Mozambique.

Legal Compliance

Cserve ensures that the company registration process is in line with all the legal requirements and regulations of Mozambique. This protects the company from any legal complications in the future.

Efficient Communication

Cserve maintains a constant communication channel with business owners, providing regular updates on the registration process and addressing any concerns promptly.

Mozambique Company Registration Procedures (Brief)

Mozambique company registration procedures take up to 15-20 days to complete and involve a number of pre and post-registration steps.

Validating contract signatures and receiving Articles of Association

Partners of the company need to sign a written contract before a notary so the Articles of Association can be issued. Applicants can do this at the notary’s office, the one-stop-shop (Balcão de Atendimento Único) or the Legal Entities Registrar (Conservatoria do Registo das Entidades Legais).

Obtaining a certificate of name reservation

Applicants must verify the availability of the company name and then reserve it. You can do it at the Legal Entities Registrar of Maputo (Conservatória do Registo das Entidades Legais) and will about 1 day.

Registering for taxes and obtaining a unique tax identification number (NUIT)

The applicant company can go and register at the Tax Department (Repartição de Finanças) to get their tax identification number. The process will take 2-5 days on average and involves no fee.

Declaring the commencement of operations

For VAT and corporate income tax, a notice of the start of operations must send to the tax department of the local district 15 days before commencement. Applicants need to file some paperwork and show an authenticated copy of the operating license.

Register workers with the social security system

This must be accomplished within 15 days of the start of the operations and within 30 days of the implementation of employment agreements. A special form must be filled out for each employee and submitted to the Social Security Institute within 15 days of signing the labour contract.

Registering the company

Mozambique company registration can accomplish at the official company registry commonly known as Conservatória do Registo de Entidades Legais or CREL. The registration fees will vary according to the capital and there will also be a fixed fee for publication of the Articles of Association on the official gazette (Boletim da República).

Applying for a simplified operating license

A simplified operating license (lincenciamento simpli cado) can be obtained by filling a form and providing some paperwork. This step may not be required by all companies after the Mozambique company registration is done.

Declare the start of the operation and register job applicants at the provincial jobs centre

In order to register employees, the employer must apply for work cards within 30 days of the start of employment agreements. They also need to submit a schedule of working hours and declare the employment of national workers within 30 days of the start of their respective employment contract. For employers with more than 10 employees, additional paperwork is a requirement.

Subscribe to a workers’ compensation insurance coverage

Life insurance (seguro colectivo) is legally required by Article 231 of Decree 21, 2007. Hence, companies must provide life insurance for their workers for risks not covered by social security.

Opening a bank account

The applicant must open a bank account and deposit the share capital. You can also make payment for registration fees.

Investment In Mozambique

Types of business and companies in Mozambique

Sole proprietorship

A business owned and operated by a single individual.

State-owned enterprises

Companies that are wholly or partly owned by the government of Mozambique.

Multinational corporations

Large corporations that have operations in multiple countries.

Construction companies

Companies that specialize in building and infrastructure projects.


A business owned and operated by two or more individuals who share profits and losses.

Non-profit organizations

Charitable or humanitarian organizations that do not have a profit motive.


A business model in which the owner of a business grants the right to use its trademark or trade name to another entity in return for a fee.

Consulting firms

Companies that offer professional advice and services to businesses and organizations.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A company with limited liability for its owners, who are known as members.

Publicly traded companies

Companies whose shares are traded on a stock exchange.

State-owned enterprises

Companies that are wholly or partly owned by the government of Mozambique.

Manufacturing companies

Companies that produce goods in a factory or workshop.

Joint Venture

A business collaboration between two or more independent entities for a specific project or purpose.

Agricultural cooperatives

Associations of farmers who work together to achieve common goals, such as improving production and marketing.

Commodities trading companies

Companies that facilitate the trade of commodities such as oil, minerals, and agricultural products.

Energy companies

Companies that provide energy products and services, such as electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy.

Branch office

A subsidiary of a foreign company that is established in Mozambique to conduct business.

Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs)

Companies with a limited number of employees and assets, often operated by entrepreneurs or families.

Tourism companies

Companies that provide tourism services, such as hotels, travel agencies, and tour operators.

Technology companies

Companies that develop and sell innovative products and services related to technology and digital media.

Most Investment In Sectors In Mozambique

When it comes to HR and recruitment services in Mozambique, it’s important to choose the best and most reliable options to ensure the success of your business. That’s where HR Solutions comes in – we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all your HR and employment needs.

Energy and Infrastructure

Mozambique has a high demand for energy and infrastructure projects due to its rapidly growing economy. The government has been investing heavily in the development of power plants, road networks, and other infrastructure projects to support economic growth and attract foreign investment.


Agriculture is a major sector in Mozambique, contributing to a significant portion of the country's GDP. The government has made efforts to attract investment in the agriculture sector, particularly in agro-processing, to increase production and promote food security.

Manufacturing / Factory / Plants

The manufacturing sector in Mozambique is still in its early stages but has seen significant growth in recent years. Foreign investors have been attracted to the country's cheap labor and untapped market potential, leading to investment in various manufacturing industries, such as textiles and consumer goods.

Banking and Financial Services

There has been a significant increase in investment in the banking and financial services sector in Mozambique. The country's improving business environment and economic stability have attracted foreign investors to establish new banks and financial institutions, leading to increased competition and improved services for consumers.


Mozambique has a diverse range of tourism attractions, including beautiful beaches, national parks, and cultural heritage sites. The government has been investing in developing the country's tourism industry, including building new hotels and resorts and promoting the country as a tourist destination.


Mozambique has significant untapped mineral resources, including coal, gold, and natural gas. The mining sector has been a major focus for investment in recent years, with large-scale projects being developed by both domestic and foreign companies.


With a growing population and increasing demand for communication services, the telecommunications sector in Mozambique has been a focus for investment. Companies have been investing in expanding infrastructure and improving services to meet the demands of the market.

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Are you looking to start a business in Africa? Look no further! Our company registration services are top-rated and recommended by businesses throughout the continent. We offer the best business registration online services in Africa, with reviews to back it up. Our comprehensive services include company incorporation, registering a new company, private limited company registration, and even trademarking your brand name. From the bustling business hub of Mozambique, our team of experts specializes in company registration in this country, making it a hassle-free and efficient process. In fact, we have been recognized as one of the top company registration service providers in Mozambique. But our services don’t stop there, we also offer assistance in registering a company in other African countries, as well as providing offshore company formation services. With our experience and knowledge, we make setting up your business in Africa seamless and stress-free. Don’t hesitate, register your company with us today and join the many satisfied businesses who have successfully started their journey in Africa.

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