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Proudly, we are the best in business solution in Africa. Cserve Corporation is Awarded “Best HR & Recruitment Company in Mozambique 2020”. we are providing services to its customers successfully for the last 10 years. By connecting markets East & West, we cater the Placement & Recruitment services in Mozambique on every level (fresher, junior , senior & higher Management) of positions in company that is required by all Business.

Cserve Corporation is the leading HR Recruitment & Manpower Outsourcing Company in Mozambique, Africa. Cserve is renowned for the growth of your business from more than 10 years and around 50+ consultants empaneled in our recruiting team in Mozambique. We cover close to all industry sectors. Cserve is focused on hiring the right people for your organization.

We also service our clients with a host of Management Solutions like, HR solutions, Manpower Outsourcing Services, corporate training, and contractual services. Also our legal experts provides you visa & immigration services, work permit, D.I.R.E services, Company Registration, Passport service and many more.


Cserve Corporate Services has a progressive, logical and unique approach towards the profession.


We can help you to increase your profitability in every aspect of business with success ration of more than 95%.


We offer a comprehensive range of IT and Management solutions for all industries from last 10 years.

Our Clients and Employees

Management & Legal Solutions

With tremendous support from our clients and employees we became No.1 company in multidisciplinary Management Solutions in Mozambique. We are unique Recruitment services provider & Agencies in Mozambique and spread over several reseller branched in Africa and Asia. We complete documentation for our clients like, Work Permit in Mozambique for Expat and submit visas in Mozambique. submission through us makes difference because of good connections and knowledge management.

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One Stop Business Solutions

As a leading Recruitment agency in Mozambique Cserve Corporate services also serve the all legal documentations services and manpower outsourcing services in Mozambique to needs of individuals, institutions, corporates and governments through our four business divisions. We have several teams of professionals which are specialized in their area of business and provide professional immigration services in Mozambique on time , and we guaranteed Excellence. Our nuclear teams are agile and customer-centric who are well-trained to provide the Management consultation in Mozambique to our clients.



With the expansion of our services, we became a leader in an Expat portfolio for processing visas, work permits, and expat management in Mozambique and other African countries. This includes services related to Foreigner Quotas, Expat Issues, Expat Permits, Expat Contracts, Work Contracts, DIRE, Work Visas, and resolving legal issues for our clients.

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Recruitment Solutions

We are Best HR & Manpower solution company in Mozambique delivering solutions on every level of International & domestic placements.

Company Registration

Cserve is the Best platform where any local or Foreign investors will be advised by us for any type of company registration in Mozambique.

Manpower Outsourcing Solutions

We are the best manpower consultant in Mozambique for Manpower outsourcing which allows companies to focus on other business.

Company Secretarial Services

Cserve Corporate services is the Best Secretarial Service provider in Mozambique. Our company provides smooth functioning of the administration of the company.

Employee of the Records (EOR)

With our global reach, we offer EOR services in Mozambique, Africa, India, and other African countries. This means that you can expand your business into these countries without the hassle of registering a company or opening an office

Work Permit / Work Visas

We are the leading company in Managing issues related to expat quota management, employees work permits & authorization of work.

Company Licenses

If you are planning to start a business in Mozambique, it is important to obtain the necessary licenses and permits before operating.

Embassy Services

As a Leading legal documentation service provider in Mozambique, we legalize docs from high commission e.g. passport, visa, PCC or other documents.

Visa & Immigrations Solutions

We are leading in Visa and Immigration Consultants and Advisors. We offer full range of online services for all Visa and Immigration services across Mozambique.

Trademark & Branding

Are you looking for Best Company for Restructuring of your business. Cserve Corporate Service is Best company for Rebranding.

What Makes us Different?

We have several teams of professionals which are specialized in their area of business and provide professional, high-quality services on time and we guaranteed Excellence. Our nuclear teams are agile and customer-centric. We provide customers truly integrated and intelligent company secretarial services and consultation solutions in Mozambique/ Africa that actually address the business needs and concerns of end-users. We work with our clients as partners and with each other as a team.

Backed By Experience

Our team of highly trained skilled professionals and tradespeople has a depth of knowledge and experience, backed by proven systems and processes to deliver a level of quality that can be backed by above industry standard warranties.

​Built By Industry Expert

The team of experts designs strategic solution for you. We are having experience of Business Solutions in India & Africa. Our advisory services help individuals and companies to make their service & business portfolio.

No Hidden Fees

We have a fair and transparent pricing structure. We do not have hidden fees associated with any of our services.

Client Confidentiality

We take Client confidentiality seriously. We never disclose client information or use our client's brand name for our marketing.

Cserve Group Ventures

You are in Good Hands; We are a One-Stop Solutions.

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