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The Everest Group has recognized Cserve as a Star Performer for the second consecutive year for its Multi-Country Payroll (MCP) Solutions. In addition, Cserve was recognized as a Major Contender for the fourth time in a row, outperforming 17 other multi-country payroll providers.

As part of the Everest Group report 2022, 24 MCP solution providers were evaluated based on their annual RFI process, interactions with leading solution providers, client reference checks, as well as ongoing analysis of the MCP solution market. According to Everest Group, Cserve sets itself apart from its competitors through its unique service focus, intellectual property and solutions, and domain investments and partnerships.

In addition, the report highlights Cserve’ continual investment in its proprietary global payroll technology, strengthening its strategic technology partnerships with leading HCM providers, and expanding its in-country services. Moreover, Cserve is recognized as the only provider that offers global payroll, EOR, and integrated SaaS solutions globally.