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We offer best HR services in Botswana that provide benefits to foreign companies looking to:

Welcome to Botswana's leading recruitment and employer of record (EOR) services provider!

At Cserve – Botswana, we understand the importance of finding the right talent for your business. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of recruitment services to help you find the perfect fit for your organization. Our team of experienced recruiters use innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology to attract, assess, and select top candidates.

But our commitment to providing exceptional services doesn’t end with recruitment. As an employer of record, we take on the responsibility of managing all administrative tasks related to hiring and onboarding employees. This includes everything from drafting contracts and handling payroll to managing benefits and ensuring compliance with local labor laws.

Boost Botswana's Potential with Cserve Corporation - No Entity Required

Top HR Services in Botswana for Foreign Companies

Outsourcing your payroll to us can also help streamline your business operations and save you time and resources. Our team of experts will handle all payroll-related tasks, including calculating salaries, managing payments, and filing taxes. This allows you to focus on your core business while we handle the complex and time-consuming tasks of payroll administration.

Looking for the best recruitment agencies in Botswana? Look no further! Our team of experienced and reliable recruitment experts will help you find the best talent for your business needs.

As an employer looking to stay ahead of the competition, consider the benefits of using an Employer of Record (EOR) in Botswana. Our EOR services allow you to focus on your core business while we take care of all your employee-related tasks.

Simplify your payroll tasks by outsourcing them to our professional team in Botswana. With our payroll outsourcing services, you can save time and resources while ensuring accurate and timely payments for your employees.

In need of efficient contract management solutions in Botswana? Our team offers comprehensive contract management services to ensure that your business partnerships and agreements are well-organized and compliant.

Struggling to manage your workforce in Botswana? Let us help! Our workforce management services cover everything from recruitment and training to retention, allowing you to have a strong and motivated team that drives business growth.

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Are you a business looking to hire top talent in Botswana? Look no further than recruitment agencies, your go-to solution for job placement and hiring needs. These agencies specialize in connecting businesses with qualified candidates, taking the stress and time out of finding the right employees.

Botswana, employer of record, EOR, workforce management, compliance, legal requirements.

Navigating the legal requirements of hiring in Botswana can be a daunting task for employers. That's where an Employer of Record (EOR) can help. As your Botswana-based EOR, we ensure compliance with all local laws and regulations while managing your workforce so you can focus on growing your business.

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Save time and ensure accuracy by outsourcing your payroll in Botswana. Our reliable payroll services handle everything from compliance to tax deductions, freeing up your time to focus on important business tasks. With our expertise in Botswana's payroll laws, you can trust that your employees will be paid correctly and on time.

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For businesses operating in Botswana, having proper contract management is crucial. Our team of legal experts can assist with drafting employment contracts that meet all necessary legal requirements. With our help, you can rest easy knowing that your contracts are in compliance with Botswana's labor laws.

Botswana, workforce management, talent acquisition, employee management, HR solutions.

Managing a workforce in Botswana can be complex and time-consuming. Let us handle your workforce management needs so you can focus on growing your business. Our HR solutions, from talent acquisition to employee management, ensure that your workforce operates efficiently and effectively in Botswana.

Research Data:

Main Industries 

– Mining (diamonds, copper, nickel, coal) 

– Agriculture 

– Tourism 

– Manufacturing 

– Services 

GDP Growth  GDP in Botswana is expected to reach 21.12 USD Billion by the end of 2023 
Dates & Numbers format 
  • Date format: DD/MM/YYYY 
  • Number format:
    • Comma as a thousand separator (e.g., 1,000 is written as 1,000) 
Major Languages 

– English (official) 

– Setswana 


Botswana has a population of around 2.4 million people (about the population of Kansas). 

Country Capital  Gaborone 

Botswana Pula (BWP) 

Internet Domain  .bw 
International Dialing Code  +267 
Annual Leaves 

Employees are generally entitled to 15 days of paid leave per year, 8 days of which
must be taken within 6 months.

The remaining days must be taken within 3 years 

Sick Leaves  Employees are generally entitled to 20 days of paid sick leave per year and
must provide a doctor’s certificate.
Maternity & Paternity Leaves 

Maternity Leave Botswana: 

Female employees are generally entitled to 12 weeks of maternity leave,
6 weeks to be taken before the birth and 6 after.

The employee must present a doctor’s certificate. 

Paternity Leave Botswana 

There is no statutory paternity leave. 

Employee Termination 

Termination of an employee during the probationary period does not require a reason. 

Both the employee and the employer may terminate the employment contract. 

Health Insurance 

Health insurance coverage can vary. Some employers provide it,
and there may be government healthcare programs.

13th Month Salary 

There is no statutory requirement to pay the 13th or 14th month. 

Employers have the discretion to have such bonuses and they are generally agreed in employment contract. 

Minimum Wage 

Minimum notice, equivalent to the wage period, must be given or pay in lieu unless the employee was guilty of serious misconduct, no notice is needed. 

Maximum Numbers of hours per week 

Standard working hours are typically 40 to 48 hours (about 2 days) per week. 


Employees are limited to 14 hours of overtime per week and are eligible for 1 1/2 times their normal hourly rate. 

Work on public holidays or rest time should be paid at twice the normal wage rate. 

Social Security TAX / PF  Social security contributions may be applicable. 
Corporate Income Tax 

Corporate income tax rates apply. Check with Botswana’s tax authorities for the latest rates. 

Personal Income Tax 

Progressive tax rates apply to personal income. Verify the latest tax laws. 

Minimum period for Termination 

Notice periods for termination can vary by employment contract and company policies. 

Total number of public holidays  Botswana celebrates Nine national public holidays as well as additional public holidays that vary 
Work Permit Duration 

Work permit durations can vary depending on the type of work and visa. 

Work Visa 

Work visas are required for foreign nationals working in Botswana. Requirements and types of visas can vary. 

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