At the core of the idea is the belief that internships, if managed well, can make a positive difference to the student, to the employer, and to the society at large. Hence, the ad-hoc culture surrounding Internships in Mozambique should and would change. Cserve aims to be the driver of this change.


Academy is different things to different people

For million plus students struggling to get a meaningful internship every year, Cserve Academy is a friend, a mentor, an affectionate senior, and a boon.

For thousands of organizations are waiting to hire interns, we are a pleasant surprise, a benchmark of the world standards in customer service.

Social & Youth Services

We think that “Every person has the different one in terms of qualities & abilities which makes differences from others. Some people can express their skills & some can't". We are here for those people who see their dream with open eyes. We aren't here only for making money. We do so many things for our youth and this is one of the main reason to initiate FREE services to each individual. As we distinguish that "No one has ever become poor by giving".


Services For Youth

  • Resume Building
  • Resume Upgrade
  • Career Consultation
  • Employment Services
  • Reseller Registration with Us
  • Connect Your Business with Us


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!

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