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We are leading Visa and Immigration Consultants and Agents. Our perfect documentation assures you a visa to any destination country of your choice. Our success rate runs more than 95%, It depends on various laws and policies of visa & Immigration. There are many different tactics and strategies for Visa approvals and we, as expert Visa consultant, know them very well.


cserve visa solutions

 We complete documentation for our clients and submit visas, submission through us makes difference because of good connections and knowledge management. Only a few visa consultants or agents are ever equipped to navigate the entire process alone. 


We are easily accessible from anywhere in the world – e-mail & phone, even after you have migrated abroad – to offer our continued services to you as your personal Visa Consultant and Agent.

We offer full range of online services for all Visa, Immigration, Our services include complete documentation in following areas -  

  • Spouse Visas / Dependent Visa / Visa for parents
  • Tourism / Tourist Visas / Family Visit Visas / Visa on Arrival
  • Business Visit Visas / Professional Visa / Religious Worker Visa
  • Investor Visa / Entrepreneur Visas / Work Visa / Expat Visa
  • Student Visas / Emergency Visa / Research Visa / Employment Visa
  • Permanent Resident / Immigration / Temporary visa / Transit Visa 



What sets us apart from our peers is our four-pronged winning approach;

  • Knowledge: We keep track of the regularly evolving migration laws and regulations and constantly updating our knowledge base. Our executives go through periodic training programmes to improve their skills and are assessed from time to time.


  • Experience: Our team of experienced case officers help in processing your visa application in accordance with the country’s latest regulations & provide tailor made visa solutions.
  • Transparency: We publish our fees up front & guarantee that there are no hidden or last minute costs added to your application. We also offer a range of service packages and help you select the optimum solution.
  • Results: We use our knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver positive results. Your dreams are also ours. We’ll always give our best to get you the visa you want with no hassles involved.


We are known for our speed, trust and expertise and are committed to doing our best for your successful migration. Our experienced professional team provides:

  • Best in Class Service: Ask as many questions as you want, we will try and answer all your queries. We aim at helping you choose the best option for you and for us, nothing less would do.
  • Best in Class Value: Flexible payment options and fixed fees make our services affordable and predictable.
  • Best in Class Communication: A dedicated case officer will be assigned to specifically handle your file; you can get all updates through them and they are going to guide you all the way to the end.


immigration solutions in Mozambique

Formulation of immigration documents e.g legalisation of  residency, arrivals, visas, permits, cancellation of residency, residency card, (DIRE only in Mozambique), dependent visas, entry-exit documents, attestations, changing of visa types and several more issues related to immigration will be resolved only at one place which is Cserve > > 

work permit

Ministry of Labour solutions in Africa and Mozambique

Managing issues related to expat quota management, employees work permits and authorization of work. Preparing work permits, Internal Contracts, taking authorization, cancellation of work permits, contracts and managing quota as per guidelines of  ministry for foreign Labours, Emigration of Labour for employment abroad > > 


High commission of india services, Maputo Mozambique

Preparing docs of Indians and their families through the embassy of India. Legalisation of docs from high commission e.g Passports – Lost/damaged/renewals, PCC, Birth Certificates, Visas, NOC for children, attestations, approvals, OCI cards, PIO cards, cancellation of nationality, all type of miscellaneous certificates and documents > >

Visa  TO India & Africa

online visa for India, Indian Visa, Apply visa from Mozambique, Apply by

Applicants can apply for the visa from anywhere in Mozambique, our representative will guide you for documents and travel. Stay at home and get the visa in few steps with us.


1) Free Consultation

2) Fast track visa

3) Get visa in 2-3 days

4) Docs arrangement

5) Delivery of your passport





online visa for Mozambique, Mozambique Visa, Apply visa for Mozambique, Apply by

Apply for Mozambique visa from New Delhi, India. Just send us your passport copy and some documents by courier, we will provide you visa in 3 Days

Mozambique visa from INDIA

  • 1) Free Consultation
  • 2) Fast track visa 2-3 days, Maximum
  • 3) A phone call to us will help to make your visa easily
  • 3) Docs arrangement if the applicant can't arrange.
  • 5) Delivery of your passport at your home

Apply for Mozambique DIRE, Residency visa, online contract, work permit by cserve: www.cservecorp,net

D.I.R.E is an authorization of residency from Immigration. the applicant can take our services to apply D.I.R.E.

We are always open to provide services to Family, Employees and Visa Consultants.



We are expat solutions consultant from Mozambique, please send your requirement here, Cserve Visa and immigration solutions at

As being a visa and immigration solutions provider, we provide complete solutions to our client.

All expat who are living in Mozambique can obtain our services, we help people to understand things here and process expatriate services.

Available Solutions:

  • 1) Work Permit
  • 2) Residence Permit
  • 3) D.I.R.E
  • 4) Any visa authorization

Who can take service:

  • 1) Individuals
  • 2) Students
  • 3) Small Business Enterprises
  • 4) Companies
  • 5) Tourist & Business visa holder

Small Business Enterprises and Companies are invited to connect with us on higher discounts.

Consular Services from Indian Embassy - Maputo, Mozambique

We provide services through the embassy of India in Maputo, Mozambique as follows:


Renew passport online through cserve

1) Re-issue of Indian Passport after the expiry of existing passport or exhaustion of   pages:                                   

  1. An addition of spouse's name in the passport:
  2. Change of name/surname after marriage (for woman applicant):
  3. Change in Indian address in the passport:

2.  Fresh Passport in lieu of Lost passport:

3.  Fresh Passport in lieu of damaged passport:

4.  Issue of Fresh Passport to New-born Child and Birth Registration


Consular services from Indian embassy in Mozambique

Main types of Misc Consular Services:

  1. Attestation of Documents and Powers of Attorney: We also performs notarial functions like attestation of Academic certificates, marriage and birth certificates issued in India, powers of attorney and other such documents executed by Indian citizens in India, Mozambique and Swaziland.
  1. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC): Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) issued by Passport Offices and by police stations in India are also required to be attested by theCommission when a person applies for a visa/resident visa/ work permit.                                                       
  2. Attestation of Police Clearance Certificate issued from India
  3. Confirmation of Driving License particulars: Applicants seeking to obtain a confirmation of the Driving License Particulars issued by Indian Authority may apply for this service.  It is generally required while converting the Indian Driving License into Mozambican Driving License.
  1. An affidavit of minor the child for issue/re-issue of Passport in India: This affidavit is required by parents when applying for their child's passport in India and one or both parents are in Mozambique/Swaziland.  The parents have to certify that he/she has no objection to a passport being issued to his/her child in India.​​​NRI (Non Resident Indian) Certificate:​
  2. Life Certificate:​
  3. Renunciation/Surrender of Indian Citizenship​
  4. Registration of NRIs with the High Commission
  5. Registration of Death of Indian and No Objection Certificate for transportation of Human Remains (Body) to India:


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