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At Cserve, our philosophy is simple; to give you competitive and effective solutions to your recruitment requirements. We supply Manpower from lower level to higher level to our esteemed clients. We are delivering best services to the market and we are here to help you to reduce your manpower cost of the company. We understand the business requirement and doing well in the industry. We are the only corporate service provider who is giving solutions to companies on a single platform.Cserve Manpower Solutions - Standardized Recruitment Process

We are delivering services & providing manpower solutions on every level (Fresher, Junior, Senior & higher Management) of positions in companies. We are specialised in providing temporary, contractual and permanent staffing solutions across all industries whatever our client wants from us. We can offer a service tailored to your individual needs. Experienced in contingency planning. We are well experienced in International & domestic placements.

Service Includes:

  • Manpower Outsourcing
  • Human Resource Systems
  • Human Resource Formats
  • Verification of Candidate profile by prominent Verification Agency
  • Resume building service
  • Corporate training programs
  • Individual - self-development program
  • Job Consultation

Our Standardised recruitment process to provide right candidate for the right candidate. >  > >  >
We help you to manage the ever-changing talent needs in today’s world of work in which rapid access to the right talent is a powerful competitive advantage. With our thorough understanding of staffing trends and our deep pool of highly qualified Candidates, Manpower can deliver the talent, matching the right individual to the right job—faster and with better business results.

To provide excellence in Manpower and recruitment services, we extended portfolio with launching of new venture for process outsourcing, training and recruitment solutions.

Mansource is the pioneer of Manpower Outsourcing services in India. We provide Staffing, Manpower Recruitment, Outsourcing & training with advanced certifications solutions. We guarantee effective and comprehensive representation for your business. Our reputation and history of successful companies and clients speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping businesses - large or small, that simply need to know how to proceed in today's economy. 

As defined that Mansource is into recruitment process outsourcing, we are active service providers for outsourcing solutions in several professionalised field from levels. We follow the fast and unique process to provide better satisfaction to job seekers and employers. Read More>>

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| Verified Employee |

 CServe Verified Employee

"Cserve Verified Employee" is a program to deliver quality services to employer. we provide proper verification of selected candidate with thick research in terms of criminal records, negative profile, education, experience, family background and previous services. Given the fact that misconduct and fraud are possible threats when it comes to hiring, companies have become extremely cautious. Thus, employee screening plays a crucial role in verifying the background of the candidates and enable organizations take the correct decision


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| EPBO Program |

cserve business outsourcing program

EPBO (Emerging partner business outsourcing program) is a program which includes end to end recruitment outsourcing, starting from sourcing, screening, testing, interviewing, background checks, coordinating offer letters, on-boarding and hand-holding for successful amalgamation of skilled human resources in client organization. We take responsibility for all or part of a company’s recruitment processes. The company’s staff, technology, methodologies and reporting are all aspects that can be provided by us. Our Process Outsourcing is significantly different from the role of a traditional staffing company. We assume ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process, and responsibility for results.Read More>>



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The distance between you and your perfect employee just got smaller. With a range of services like Global Recruitment, Contractual Staffing, Visa Processing, etc., Our Manpower service is here to partner with you for your HR needs. Thank you for visiting us. Read More>>



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Get jobs that match your profile. Learn how to present yourself in a way that the employers can better grasp your potential. Worried about your boss catching you search for the job you deserve? Don't worry, your details are confidentially maintained Read More>>

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About Manpower Services of Cserve


@Mansource is the pioneer of Manpower Outsourcing services in India. We provide Staffing, Recruitment, Outsourcing & training with advanced certifications solutions. we focus on a personalised route to fulfil needs of our clients. Details like employee attitude, work environment, management style are all taken in thorough consideration to get a winning combination, both for the employer & the employee. Read More>>